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During hammer operation, continuous and adequate lubrication must be supplied. Otherwise, the hammer parts will be worn out quickly. Rock drill oil must be used since it has the emulsifying and viscosity additives to deal with high pressure and high air flow and water presence. Oil should be injected into the air stream.

The oil also acts as a seal on the surface of running parts to help use air efficiently. Check the lubrication oil tank at least twice per day to make sure enough lubrication is supplied to the DTH hammer.

Recommended Rock Drill Oil Table
30 Grade Oil, 0-25°C 50 Grade Oil, Over 25°C
BP Energol RD100 Energol RD300
SHELL Torcula 150 Torcula 320
Texaco 100/1542 EPM 320/1543 EPM

If drilling with water/foam, more lubricating oil up to twice the amount is needed since the water will disperse the oil.

If the ambient temperature is 0-25°C, a 30 grade oil should be used. If the ambient temperature is over 25°C, a 50 grade oil should be used. If the temperature is extremely cold, an antifreeze additive may be needed.