The Gamma DTH hammers are produced from the latest technology and high quality materials under strict quality control. The Gamma DTH hammers are a valveless design with efficient and powerful impact energy, and are your best partner to with hard rock materials.

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Overburden Drilling Systems

When drilling in soft and loose ground with scattered boulders, the soil and clay are caved in and creates difficulty to withdraw the DTH drilling equipment and lowers the drilling speed. To overcome this problem, MAXA manufactures the "Balanced Type" (BT) and "Eccentric Type" (EC) Overburden Drill Systems to enable drilling and lowering the casing simultaneously.

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Button Bits

The MAXA DTH button bits are made of premium quality nickel chrome alloy steel and tungsten carbide with stringent heat treatment. All MAXA DTH button bits are subject to strict quality inspection throughout their manufacture to ensure longevity and dependable performance.

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Parts & Accessories

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